Using rb.AddForce with Box Collider makes the object move slower than with Sphere Collider

I’m trying to create exactly the same project as on the step 2 of lab 5:

After disabling some components I’ve found out that switching the sphere collider with a box collider is what’s causing the issue. ChatGPT suggested to decrease friction of the physics material which worked. But I want my project to be identical to the one in the tutorial where the instructor did nothing to the friction.

In step 3 of lab 4 is where he introduced the “Bouncy” physics material, but I never noticed him do anything to the friction settings.

If its on the floor, a sphere collider will roll, whereas a box collider will slide. This could account for the apparent change in friction. The solution to this depends on your project, but a quick one would be turning off physics based rolling for the sphere (in rigidbody constraint settings).