Using React-Native and Unity3D in the Same View

I’m trying to put the Unity3D game into my react-native (for now, only android). So far, I could only navigate to the game that is in another view from react-native. However, I want to show the game at the background of some react-native buttons. So, I need to convert UnityView into React-Native component (like ). The problem is if I don’t set setContentView() to UnityView, Unity3D game doesn’t show up. To use react-native, I must set setContentView() to ReactNative view. So, only one of them can be shown in a view. Is there any solution to this problem?

Hey @nberktumer. I am trying to achieve a similar goal as you, but I don’t even know how to import the game into a react native view as you have described above. It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a link or refer me to the place where you learned to do so. Thanks!

Bro try this one

I tired but i am not getting the result properly
So try this if you get the result properly please tell me
Thanks in Advance