Using rigidbody.AddForce and speeding the object

I have lets say a basket ball and a hoop.

I currently have a nice arc I want the ball to travel along and it makes it into the hoop. Problem is that its too slow - the ball looks like it hovers and takes it sweet time in the air.

I need a solution that would only speed up this object with the same rigidbody force and mass. I tried rigidbody velocity but it seems to have no effect.

Are your scales correct? If your ball is 1 unit in diameter, then the default gravity setting of 9.8 units/s/s will look wrong. Make your ball 0.25 units and it will then look right… because units will then be meters as the 9.8 is intended. You can of course keep measuring everything in basketball diameters and adjust gravity accordingly, but that will eventually get confusing.

If your scales are all right and you simply want the ball to travel faster than it would in the real world, increase gravity and everything will move on faster ballistics.

Gravity is set in the Physics project settings.

Turning up the gravity worked (the basketball is only a simple example)
Had to re-do the numbers but it does work better now thanks.