Using RPC over diffrent projects?


I want to seperate Client and Server, so I created 2 Projects.

The connection to server is running fine, but when Client sends an RPC I get an error message:

"Could't invoke RPC function 'ApplyGlobalChatText' because the networkView 'SceneID: 1 Level Prefix: 0' doesn't exist"

But both, client and server have only 1 scene both with same SceneID.

So where is my problem? is it possible to use RPC over 2 Projects? If not, whats the best way to seperate between client and server?

Thanks :)


Second question: When Client sends an RPC and server want to answer with another RPC, how Can I detect from which client the RPC was sent, and how to answer to this specific client`?

You need to attach a Network View to both objects with the RPC call on them.