Using Rpg maker XP Tiles (2D Tile System)

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m developing a greater RmXP Game. But i want to convert it completely to Unity (cause of a better performance and features).

My Question now:
the rpg maker uses such Graphics as tilesets:
>>Rpg Maker XP Tileset - Forest Town

Important to know:
each tile has a fixed size of 32x32 pixels. Each tileset has a fixesd width of 8 tiles, but can be “endless” long!

What i’m asking for is a way, to get one specific tilecrom a tileset, and use it as texture on a quad. Is that possible? If yes, how?

i tried it by creating a plane tile (2 polygons), and set the UV in Cinema 4D to cover just one tile of a tileset. In Unity i need to move the uv to change tiles at runtime - like habing hundrets of 32x32 textures on one image file.
How is that working?

You’re basically going to need a material for each tile, and the texture will be the same tileset/texture. The materials have Tiling offsets/scale for UV that you can adjust. It is possible to create a map with quads and a single atlas/“tileset”, but without the programming experience, it would be really tough. Probably be better to consider an already existing Tile-base system like Unitile or something. I found this on the asset store, I never tried it, but it shows that there are options available.

i can’t use unitile, cause i need to use the rmxp tilesets as they are (i write a map exporter->importer to use rmxp maps in unity).

the problem with mainTextureOffset is the factor system (instead of a pixelbase one)

my largest tileset is 2886 tiles high.
means the Y factor for one tile can be 0.0003465. It would be possible
but now take a tileset with 1500 as height…
the factor will end with a period of 3… so it is impossible to use pixel perfect tiles - there will always be a pixel of neghtbour tiles visible…
and that’s my actual problem…

i could use ‘double float’ … but at the end there always be tiles that are not fitting perfectly… aren’t they?