Using same Animation Controller and Animations clips for another similar character?

So, I have this character with its own Idle, Walk and Attack animations clips. Now I want to make a duplicate of it (prefab) and turn it into a second character. Second character only looks different but otherwise has same art type and body type. The only difference in animations is going to be the attack animation. Otherwise, it will have same walk and idle animations as the first character. Is there a way I can use the same controller and animations clips from character 1 for this second character but add on a new different attack animation without ruining the first character animations also? Script (behavior) wise second character is little different than the first one. My main concern right now is the animation.

In your animator, you could create 2 ‘attack’ nodes (one for each character) and give them different conditions/triggers and then in your scripts just trigger the correct one for that character.