Using skinned meshes for gui a good idea?

So im fairly new to iphone dev, but i can see that getting draw count down is a good idea. The game can have quite a few gui elements active, maybe 30 or so. Well this is on the ipad so it is not cluttered.

Anyway. All gui elements are in one mesh, skinned to 30 bones or so. Rigid skinning. I can disable enable gui elements by popping them off screen, and move them by moving the corresponding bone. For example a movement pad is another flat plane skinned to a bone.

It seems to work fine this, all set up on a ortho camera for the gui pieces. All setup using one materialtype of course. So, is this ok to do? I read that dome people are using sprite managers for this so.

Sounds good enough to me as long as you don't overdo it and the frame rate is acceptable.

If anything, you may be able to do some fantastic effects with it which would be more difficult with a sprite based system.