using smtp to send email from webgl build get error message - message string not found in the message table

i cant find out what this error actually is. i am trying to send an email from my webGL game build. does this mean the error is unknown? how can i get the details of the socket exception error?


It’s impossible to send an email from a webgl build directly. A webgl build lives inside the client’s browser and is restricted by the browser’s security sandbox. The only protocols you can use are HTTP / HTTPS and WebSocket. However the WebSocket protocol is actually HTTP compatible and has to be supported by your server.

You can’t connect to an SMTP server as this is a completely different protocol. Your only way is to send your mail data via HTTP \ WebSocket to your server and let the server send the mail. For this your server need some scripting support like PHP

You are getting a System.Net.Sockets exception, which is because WebGL doesn’t support that namespace. See: Unity - Manual: WebGL Networking