Using Soomla in app store with Unity 4


I am trying to use soomla for my app in unity 4. I have followed the tutorial they provided. (and I was not sure what iStore asset is so I used their example which was MuffinRushAssets.cs). But when imported in unity, I have so many errors(index error) and it does not run on my device. I researched a bit and they said it works on the actual device not in the editor. But when I run it on device, it crashes and comes out of the app. What am I doing wrong? I would appreciate if you can help me.Thanks in advance.

Hi, Sorry I missed your question. That shouldn’t be hapennning.

If you are using the open source version - you can post the issue on Github and you will get very fast responses from the community.

If you are using the official version ( - just shoot an email to and we will get right on it.