Using static constants from an outside script

I’m trying to access static variable in one script with another one, but it’s giving me

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Here’s the entire script whose static variable I’m trying to access:

#pragma strict
//pragma strict disables dynamic variable typing

class Terrain{
	public static var CAM_MIN_X:float=0.0;
	public static var CAM_MIN_Z:float=0.0;
	public static var CAM_MAX_X:float=2000.0;
	public static var CAM_MAX_Z:float=2000.0;

And here’s the block returning the error:

	if(Camera.main.transform.position.x<Terrain.CAM_MAX_X && Camera.main.transform.position.x>Terrain.CAM_MIN_X){


You can’t have a null reference for a float. I’d check if you’re camera has the tag MainCamera (that’s how Camera.main find it I think).

By the way, a static var isn’t constant. It can be read only with the keyword or by declaring only the get though. To have a constant, you need the keyword const. It can still be accessed like a static.

Thank you for the answer, I will make sure to look for that next time.

I didn’t know I could use the const keyword in unity.