Using stereo sound

I’m wanting to have an object that emits a sound, but so that it gets louder the closer you get to it, and that when the character moves, the sound changes depending on the direction you’re facing. so when it’s on their left, the sound will be louder out of the left headphone. I’ve made an object and attached an audio source to it, and made my character an audio listener. but that’s as far as I’ve got. Been trying to mess around with the settings, but no luck so far. Help would be really appreciated.

You need to go to the import settings for your audio clip, and make sure the box for 3D sound is checked. Then, simple place the audio source in scene where the sound should be coming from, and Unity will take care of all the directionality and volume. You can tweak the parameters in the Audiosource; for instance, the falloff determines how quickly the volume drops as you move away from the source.