using System.Collections.Generic

I’ve been looking for a place that shows all the different using statements possible and a list for all things that fall under there spots such as using System.Collections.Generic haven’t been able to find what falls under it anywhere on site or googling it. Is there a site or place that i might just be missing that does so?

You should be able to find this stuff on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

For example, System.Collections.Generic is:

Edit: as far as finding a list of all the possible ones, I’m not entirely sure. You could look under System and get a lot there. But I haven’t done that before.

The available “using” directives are based on the libraries that your project references. There really is no definitive list. You could inspect the handful of DLLs that Unity sets up for you in Mono if that would help but there are like 40 namespaces in System.dll alone.

The using directive (in general) provides a more compact way to leverage the stuff you can access (extensions methods aside) thanks to the libraries your project references.

You can’t for example use this directive to short cut a namespace that has not been defined in a library you reference. You can however use stuff in a namespace (in general) without the using directive. For example:

System.Collections.Generic.List<string> myList = new System.Collections.Generic.List<string> ();

is perfectly fine (if not verbose)

thank JasonBricco the link is a nice start i’ll have to see what else i can find but that list has more then enough info for a starting point. And jonSG well i’ll have to look that stuff up and see what can be done or at least find the ones that might suit my needs when i need them.