Using the 5.6 VideoPlayer class outside of runtime to generate thumbnails?

I’d like to generate thumbnails from a VideoPlayer outside of Runtime.

It’s easy enough to create a mono instance of a VideoPlayer, assign a new RenderTexture, and eventually convert the RenderTexture to a Texture2D.

The difficult bit is in getting the VideoPlayer to evaluate a frame - Prepare, prepareCompleted, Play all appear to only work in runtime.

DotPeek tells me the whole class is pretty much internal calls.

Is it possible (And I’m missing something), or is it not? Is it on the roadmap? It’d be very helpful.


For the record- Still waiting to hear back on this one, would be great to know!


Currently there is no API in the 5.6 VideoPlayer to access images from clips programmatically outside of runtime.

But you can add a petition for that feature in so the developers could take note of it, and hopefully add it in future versions of Unity.

By the way, there is a VideoPlayer integration with timeline on the works (which requires the VideoPlayer to render outside Play mode) and is probably that this integration will be ready for Unity 2017.1.