Using the Android default debug keystone from Windows

I have run into an awkward situation.

I used to build my published Android app on my Windows 10 PC without knowing anything about key signing. It built (and published) using the default signing key on my laptop.

I’ve since upgraded the version on that laptop and the published project no longer works on the new version. So I’ve been continuing the build on my Mac laptop.

Lo and behold I try to build the app and it gives me the warning about using a debug key. I learn how to create a new key and I get told I’m not using the ‘upload key’.

I have learned that I need to use the debug.keystore from my Windows 10 Laptop. (I can’t even build it on my Windows desktop). I have copied this file onto my Mac and tried to set it as the keystone… the only problem is it needs a password (!?).

Is there a standard password for these debug.keystores or am I SOL here?

Okay. I found a work-around (on Windows at least)

On the old computer grab the debug.keystore from its directory (something like userpath/.android/debug.keystore) and move it into the same place on the new computer. I do not know if this will work on Mac, since on Macs it seems to correctly flag this default keystone as a debug project, preventing you from uploading it it does not do this on Windows. Also the path on Macs are different so you’ll have to look that up.

I’m a little worried that someone witll eventually ‘fix’ this so that the Windows debug ‘correctly’ prevents uploading (which will prevent someone else from running into this), but it will completely bork my project if and when that happens.

Thank you so much, savior from 7 years ago. Solved my issue on an old project.