Using the editor to help for a mundane task.

What I would like to do is have a button in the Editor Window that allows me to a grid of planes by simply typing in 2 variables into a text box and then hitting generate. I know how to do this during runtime, but I need to see the tiles before runtime and I’m kind of lost when it comes to adding stuff into the editor window

Maybe take a look at the example shown on:

It’ll show you how to add a window to the editor. Note the Note at the top of the page that tells you where to put your code. This is important!

Once you have a window that has the fields or sliders where you can enter the data you need you’ll want to look at:

which will get your code running whilst you are in edit mode.

If instead of a button, it can be a menu item, you don’t even need the EditorWindow, you can use a ScriptableWizard