Using the "Fade"-Class crashes unity-iphone build...


at first, thanks to Eric5h5 for sharing his "fade"-class in the unifycommunity. I would like to using it for my unity-iphone project and there i want to fade between to color-values.

I created a new "Standart Assets"-Folder and paste that script in a "Scripts"-folder and then added the fade-script to an gameobject.

Then i added the following code:

newColor = colors[counter]; // counter iterates through an color-array
StartCoroutine(Fade.use.Colors(mat.renderer.sharedMaterial, currentColor, newColor, 1f, EaseType.InOut));
currentColor = mat.renderer.sharedMaterial.color;

If i start using my project with my iphone and the unity remote-app, it works great. Then i built & run the project to watch it on my iphone. Then the build dont run and i get the following xcode-console output:

-> applicationDidFinishLaunching() Failed to load AOT module 'e7d9245eb401c4ad6ace44fe57e1933c' while running in aot-only mode because a dependency cannot be found or it is out of date.

Debugger stopped. Program exited with status value:1. Unity-iPhone exited with status 1

The error only appears if i use the code below, if i uncomment it and use my "old" code, it works without fading.

mat.renderer.sharedMaterial.color = colors[counter];

So it would be great to know if someone could help me, please. Thanks for your time. yosh

There seems to be a bug where calling the Fade script (which is in Javascript) from C# fails on the device for some reason, though it works in the editor and in builds made from regular, non-iPhone Unity.

You can either use Javascript when calling Fade functions, or rewrite the Fade script in C#.