Using the grid in Unity3d

Is it possible to enable a grid that allows you to make cubes (for example) like exactly 1.0 units wide, 3.0 units tall, and 10.0 units deep? When I made a cube it’s always (for example) 1.24859315 units wide. I want to make it exactly 1.0, so it’s easier to make houses and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.

Good question about the grid, but I have an answer for some of your question.
In Unity, to create a cube, GameObject > Create Other > Cube.
That will automatically make a cube with the XYZ dimensions of 1. You may also change the unity dimensions in the Inspector window. I hope this helps!

Just hold CTRL while using any transformation tool. Scaling will be snapped to 0.1, movement to 1.0 and rotations to 15° by default. This can be changed in the Edit menu ->SnapSettings

Just take a look at this page:

esp. the vertex snapping is really nice :wink: hold down “v”.

Thanks for your answer but then it still takes a lot of time to place it in the right position. If a house consists of a few hunderd cubes this is going to take me a loooot of time. I want to be able to position and rescale it 1 unit at the same time in the scene view, so making a house doesn’t take too long.