Using the SerialPort class in Unity 3.1 Free

Hi again, I read that because 3.1 uses Net 2.0, that we can now use the SerialPort Class. However when I try to create an object of said class, even when i wrote 'using System.IO.Ports;', I got the error message.

Assets/NewBehaviourScript.cs(3,17): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `Ports' does not exist in the namespace`System.IO'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Am i missing a component or is it a pro only component? Or is it that I need to update something?

You need to go to Edit/Project Settings/Player and change the .Net setting to 2.0, not subset, and reimport the script.

That said, please let me know if you get anything working. I've seen posts from people who claim it works, but not for me and several others.

If you get the ‘System.IO.Ports does not exist’ error even with .NET 2.0 setting, check whether you previously had tried to build web player. If that’s the case, ignore the error message and just build standalone. Then, the error message will disappear.I think it’s kind of a bug. Because web player doesn’t support the System.IO.Ports, you will get the error message if you tried to build the web player. Strangely and annoyingly, the error message remains until you build new standalone which allows .NET 2.0 setting.