Using the Steamworks.NET API in unity personal edition.

I have been working on a game that I plan to release on the Steam gaming platform. I watched a video on the unity youtube channel about integrating the Steamworks .NET API into unity games. They said that you could not use Steamworks .NET on Unity Free, because it does not allow plugins, but Unity Free is now Unity Personal Edition, and has almost all of the Pro features, so my question is, does unity personal edition allow plugins? Will I be able to use Steamworks for achievements, stats and maybe user-created content?

Thanks in advance.

**EDIT: Here is the video Unite 2014 - Crash Course on Implementing Steamworks SDK - YouTube **

**and the website **

Hi @FeeeshMeister

Looking at the documentation in the FAQ section it clearly states:

What versions of Unity are supported?

Steamworks.NET currently targets Unity 4.6, 5.0+. Unity Pro is required when using 4.6.

So, as long as you’re using Unity 5.0 or higher. You should be fine.