Using Third Party API

How do I import a third party api into a Unity project? Where do I put the api files?


depending on the thing that is being introduced into your project will depend on the answer, but here is a basic run-down:

for something that modifies the editor directly this will go into the Editor folder

if it is a package that is written in a different assembly then the rest of the project (yours is in Unity Script, but the code is in cs) then it needs to be placed in a leading compilation folder here under "how to access c# from javascript, or vice versa

if it is a plug-in (supposed to have editor drop-downs) then probably in Plug-ins these will usually be dll files.

but when in doubt see if there is documentation for the thing in question: is there a website, is there a pdf, or even a README.txt? if not see if there is a way to contact the dev, and ask them where their thing is supposed to go.

If I understand that, put them in a Plugins folder. You mean DLL’s?

I have since discovered that the api requires an Intent() call from Java to use. I have not found a way to create this Intent() call inside Unity. The publisher of the api also said that for Unity I could either open a web browser to the desired page or create an Intent() using native code in Unity.