Using Timeline for cutscene

I’m trying to create cutscene using Timeline, here is the problem i’m facing now.
I want to play a cutscene when player steps into a trigger, which will disable player’s control and play a Timeline sequence. The problem i’m having is that Timeline will always move player to exact keyframed position when played, but in real-life scenarios, Players will not enter trigger at exact position every single time. So there will be a “jumpy” moment during the play of cutscene, which is what I’m trying to avoid right now.
What would be a good solution to this? One idea I have right now is to read from Timeline’s playable for the keyframed position of player on the 1st Timeline frame (if that’s possible), so everytime player enters trigger, I will use code to move it to exact position then play Timeline.

There are a few possible ways to deal with this. You can apply an ease-in on your first clip to blend in the first animation. This may be acceptable where the trigger point and timeline position is relatively small. Another way is to use Scene Offsets (in 2018.3) on the Animation Track. This will start the timeline from the current position, instead of a fixed position. Prior to 2018.3, this behaviour is automatic if the animator has a animation controller. A third option is to author the timeline from the origin, and parent the object at runtime before you play the timeline (or some variation of this) to account for the existing position.