using transparacy

How can i make a material transparant, like with an opacity map. I did see the option transparant diffuse for material but what color do i need to use for transparancy, and is it even possible?

You import the opacity map into your assets if it isn't already there, then you go to the material you want to be transparent and choose Transparent -> Diffuse or whatever setting you want.

Now you can apply your opacity map by either dragging it onto the material or clicking the "Select" box on the 2D texture of your material and locate your transparancy map.

You probably want the main color of the material to be set to white.

Well i just found out the better way, when i use a transparant PNG and then(like a already knew) put it in the tranparant(specular) box, and that worked for me:)

I am having the same issue. Sure transparent PNG is the best way. But our designer had created jpg’s with opacity map and he is demanding time to create transparent maps, as there are lot of textures there.

In Transparent->Diffuse there is only one slot of 2D map, Diffuse only, where do I drag and drop opacity map? I have three textures (Diffuse, Normal and Opacity) I had created a shader too but opacity is not working there.

Can any one give an idea? How do I use three textures together?