Using two colors on the same texture?


The shirt of the model needs to be customizable. I mean there are different shirt designs, and you can change their design (like with stripes, clean, etc) and colors (color 1 for the stripes and color 2 for the rest). I don’t know how to apply different colors to a texture, specifing which color (or channel) in the image will be replaced.

This image shows what I mean:
alt text

I tried few custom shaders, but none of them fit my needs.I’m learning, but I have no idea on how I could do a shader for this.

Is there any other solution beside using a custom shader?

You can use a mask (grayscale texture) anda lerp inside the shader. 0 is color1, 1 is color 2.

lol I want to use this cause I’m stuck in the same situation. But I’m getting an syntax error at line 7. I’m very new to shaders so I have no clue why that error is showing up.

hi, could you please share the completed textures, so i can see how to make mine as i am struggling to get this to work.