Using uEye Cameras in an Extension on a 64-bit machine

I’m working on a project where we’re using an IDS uEye machine vision camera. I wrote an extension that’s supposed to read the camera and report back to Unity.

Using DependencyWalker, I see that it’s dependent on ueye_api.dll. Because I’m on a 64-bit machine, there’s no such dll, but there is a ueye_api_64.dll. I put ueye_api_64.dll in the Assets/Plugins folder, and in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor folder, but I’m still getting the DLLNotFoundException.

Has anybody used this or a similar camera before? Any help would be appreciated.

I may be wrong, but i think, the problem is that uEye used a higher framework version of .net to create the dll than unity supports.
Unity can only handle .net 2.0 versions.

Anyways, if you get it up running, please post, how you managed to do that.

I work for IDS in the US and came across this post. We will be happy to look into this but would need a bit more information. Please send an email to usasupport [at] ids-imaging [dot] com and we will help you out.

I didn’t have time to solve the problem, but the work-around was to have the .dll launch and application that talks to the uEye camera and the Unity extension and the uEye app communicate through shared memory.

Hello to all.
I have the same problem. I need to use a IDS ueye camera with unity. Is there any extension or plugin to use the camera as a webcam or to grab frame with unity?
@HeywoodFloyd Can you share your extension or can i found it on the store?