Using UI Slider Problem



The problem is I want the bar to be filled up 100% or down to 0%

but even if the value is set to Zero nor MAX , it only fills 90% or like 5% remaining, I don’t want that for a health bar.

I treid googleing, tried solving it myself but could not find a good solution,

please help

Check the RectTransform of the child “Fill”, he has padding value by default.

The problem is that you deleted the handle from the slider and by default the handle covers that unfilled part. You can try changing the image of the “Fill” child and changing the image type to “Filled” or you can use UI Image with “Filled” image type which will be much easier.

The first The first children of the slider Handle Slide hidden Area。

The second will be the Fill Area filled areas and the parent object equal the Slider。

The third will be the slider attribute value is equal to zero,To change the size of the Fill is zero。