Using UI Text as as mask for an underlying image

Hello there,

While I’ve seen a lot of post about masking UI text, I was not able to find anything about the issue I’m encountering here : using UI Text as a mask for a child image.

Setting the Text material to the font’s material just display the text in its normal shape (despite unchecking show mask graphic) and completely hide the child image (first image) while setting the Text material to none let it through but in a very ugly way :


I searched a lot, but I couldn’t find any hint. I would really appreciate any help on this issue. Oh by the way, it might be important to precise this title is of course made of dynamic data, so I canno’t just convert it to an image.

Thanks a lot,


Hello, did you tried this?

add mask component to text field

then add an image as a child of your masked text

Uhm, why are there no answers? Would love to know that too…