Using Unity 5 on a 32 bit computer

Hello everyone,
I recently upgraded to Unity 5, and I need to run it off a USB on a 32 bit computer. Previously with Unity 4, I could simply copy the Unity folder in program files (86) to my USB and run this on the 32 bit computer, but it appears Unity 5 is 64 bit, and does not work on the 32 bit computer. I searched online and could not find any version of Unity 5 that supported 32 bit computers, and I was just wondering if it is possible to use Unity 5 on a 32 bit computer.

Any information regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to use this: Unity 5.0 32-Bit

how did you download the unity 5 ? i torrent the unity 5, and when i check the file before starting the download with utorrent i did find a file named unitysetup32.exe and unitysetup64.exe. perhaps if you want to use unity 5 on 32 bit machine, you need to install using unitysetup32.exe. here is the picture ps. the unity i torrent is the free version unity 5. i have bandwith cap and slow internet so i can’t download liberally