Using Unity Bug Reporter on an Offline machine

Hey there,

what is the common way to hand out a bug report to Unity from an Offline machine when using the Unity Bug Reporter?


( Unity 4.6)

As far as i know there is no way to somehow “pack” a bugreport into a single file which could be copied and sent to UT. The bugreport tool sends the data to UnityTechnology directly.

How would you actually contact UT when you don’t have an internet connection?

Unity 4.6 is a quite old version. Since Unity5 most features which were pro only are now available for free. They don’t fix issues of old versions unless it might be a severe or security relevant issue, so maybe your issue (which you haven’t mentioned yet) is already solved in a newer version.

In the end the bugreporter tool just packs up some information from your PC. You can try if the bugreporter tool works on the offline machine and click the “preview” button. Now you can double click on each attachment to see what it contains. Everything that’s text can simply be copied or you can visit the file location to copy the file manually. You can pack up everything into a zip file and send it to UT.

What’s your issue about?