Using Unity For 2D

I’m trying to using unity to make a 2D game but I don’t know where to start. I tried looking up some tutorial but none are very specific on the topic. Is there any that can be used for beginners, or any tutorials in general for beginners?

There are many tutorials, but Unity is going to add more 2D support in the next release, which may make some things you might find obsolete. The general ideas will probably be the same, but the specifics may change. So my advice is to get familiar with the generals (sprites, 2d physics, side scrolling, 2.5D, etc.) and wait for 4.3 if you have the time. Or ask Unity to get on their beta program and try it that way.

Look for this, it has a 2D special tutorial

Also you could try 2D Toolkit tutorials, but you need to buy the 2D Toolkit plugin.

If you wait some time, Unity 4.3 will provide native 2D support! (coming out this spring!)

Also try: 2D Parallax 2D in Unity3D with Parallaxing - YouTube
2D without plugins: 2D in Unity Tutorial without add-ons! - YouTube
Plattformer game: - YouTube