Using Unity for a 2D Sprite-based game

I’m sorry if this has been asked before; the other threads I found were all old and predated this press release:

It refers to “Unity iPhone” and “a very fast 2D sprite engine”.

Is the 2D engine in the current version of Unity? Does it only work on iPhone? Are there any links you could share with me to help me convince my team to switch from Flash to Unity? :slight_smile:

Or work in 3d with the scenery on a back drop and limit the depth movement(Defender like). The y axis would be 0 or 180 degrees only so the character flips direction.

This would also be the start for a Mario platform engine.

If the player is looking down that would be a ZAXX engine.

Sorry if I am dating myself. I used to repair video and pinball games.

oh no if you want to make a game in unity thats 2D you just need to change your camera angle and make 2D models it is actually easier to do 2D then 3D and if you want to put it online you can do it with unity web player or just put it up for download. it is availble for pc, mac, and iphone / ipad just go to


I’m aware that technically any 3D engine can render sprites as billboards; however I was hoping that the “very fast 2D sprite engine” mentioned in the press release indicated the presence of some sort of explicit 2D API which would internally do texture atlasing, batching/etc. (see e.g Spritebatch in XNA).

I’m also aware of the 3rd party libraries i.e SpriteManager2; I’d just like to know if there is currently a native 2D API as the press blurb seems to indicate, because I couldn’t find anything in any of the Unity docs concerning this “very fast 2D sprite engine”…