Using Unity for High Quality Still Image Renders

Hi Guys,

Im hoping to get some advice if possible. I only started using unity a few weeks ago to generate Terrains using Erosion Brush to then take into zbrush and it has (unity itself) basically opened up so much possibility and Potential to aid me in my Artwork. There are so many assets to choose from and as a 3D artist I’m more interested in the effects and rendering you an get from using unity.
I was wondering if it is possible to capture a still render of the sky, terrain, trees etc and use this high quality render to take into photoshop and retouch and paint over? There are so many assets but I’m still learning, incredibly curious and hoping someone may give me a few tips on what I need to do, and what assists would be worth purchasing so I can render a scene high quality with all the cinematic special fx etc etc. I hope this makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think its possible to render images in unity as Blender, Maya etc.
If what you are asking for is post processing effects, check the asset store.