Using Unity in 2D

Just wondering where to start. All tutorials seem to lean towards 3D applications. I was wondering how Unity handles sprites/animated sprites, appropriate camera set up (so that each pixel is a game unit).

  • Thanks.

The only difference between 2D and 3D in Unity development is the way you restrict movement to two axes. For example, you could allow the player to move only in the x/y planes while the camera follows alongside like they do in the 2D Gameplay Tutorial. If you don't want perspective in your game, select your camera object and tick the 'orthographic' checkbox in the inspector.

A similar question was asked here before. Have a look at the answers to point you to some more 2D-oriented tutorials. I'd highly recommend the evac-city tutorial myself.

As for animated sprites, there's a sprite manager script on the Unify wiki you might want to look at. There's also Sprite Manager 2 but I must confess I haven't used either myself yet.