Using Unity to animate Sign Languages for Speech to Sign Language Translation system

I’m working on a project that translates a voice to sign language. I have managed to successfully translate the Voice to text. Now, I would like to display the animation of the text using Sign Language. The way I (currently) plan to do it is controlling the motion of the hands with scripts, so that based on a given word the avatar moves its hands or fingers. According to this answer, it is possible to use unity for this purpose.

However, I am new to Unity and only watched few online tutorials so far. Hence, can you give some pointers on how I can achieve this in Unity? Any materials or references I can read? Also, if you were doing this project, how would you go about animating the avatar?

Well, it depends on if you’re doing 2D or 3D. Let’s assume 3D for this answer:

You’d want a hand model, obviously, that’s rigged and animated into the different poses you need for the sign language. You can spread those out among multiple animation (model) files if they have the same rigging.

Once you have that, depending on complexity, you’ll want to either use an AnimatorController, or write a script to manage the animations yourself. Once you have that system set up, you can then just send triggers when necessary, delaying some time after each pose, and blend the bone transforms to make it a smooth animation.

Hi, I know this is kinda late but I was wondering if you were able to do it? I’m doing something similar too and I’d like to know if this is possible with Unity.