Using Unity to animate Sign Languages for Text to Sign Language Translation

Hi! I am a student and my Final Year Project is AR based sign language Animation and learner ,I have chosen American Sign Language (ASL) for my project, the main features of my project is:

A 3d character will animate the sign language in two ways:

  1. Text to Sign Language
  2. Image to sign language (the text in image will be detected first and then the 3d character will animate it).

I have to work on first module that is Text to Sign language , the only problem is that i have no idea or experience in UNITY or AR (Augmented Reality).

This is exactly what I want to achieve but the problem is that I do not know how to do it, I have literally no idea or experience.

Hi @ayesha0, I am so glad I found someone that is looking for a solution that I have been looking for. Im just asking whether if you already completed your project successfully since i am also curently doing FYP on the same topic.

Can you please send me githab to this project please. I nee exact same thing rn