Using Unity UIBuilder but I cannot find the panel renderer class for the life of me

Trying out the new UI system for an upcoming game that me and a few buddies are making. The new UI system looks amazing and so much easier to make reliably responsive UI’s but I can’t for the life of me find out how to render it to screen. I have watched the Unite Copenhagen 2019 talk about it ,Building UI for games with the new UI Builder - Unite Copenhagen - YouTube, but I cannot find if anything has been changed that will be stopping me from using the panel renderer class. Maybe I’m just blind any help will be appreciated.

The runtime PanelRenderer has not been released as part of the package, but you can download the necessary scripts from the Unity github GitHub - Unity-Technologies/UIElementsUniteCPH2019RuntimeDemo: This is the project used in the Unite Copenhagen 2019 presentation: Building UI for games with the new UI Builder

There’s no Panel Renderer component anymore (2021.2) – simply add your uxml document to the UI Document in the hierarchy.