Using Unity3D on Windows Embedded

Hi Unity3D fans,

as I’ve already mentioned in some of my other questions I’d like to use Unity3D slightly off its primary purpose: as an artificial intelligence engine and environment inside a real world robot. It fortunately brings everything the robot needs to orient itself in the real world. I can create the environment the robot’s going to have to deal with in a 3D tool as it’s mostly static and the robot just tells the engine where it actually is. And the engine tells the robot what to do next. Very convenient.

With that said I’d like to keep the operating system of the robot as small as possible. For that reason I had decided to use Linux on it. Unity ought to be able to run in that Linux environment as it’s based on Mono AFAIK.

Well… I had decided. It wouldn’t be life if there were no reasons that make us throw over decisions made in the past, would it? Right now I would like to use Lua Script as the language that enables me to change the robot’s strategy in the field without having to (re-)compile anything. Up to now I use XML to define its strategy but that’s far too bloated and too confusing in my book. Lua is much more convenient, readable and understandable and, unlike XML, a real scripting language.

To (again) cut a long story a little shorter… To actually avoid any avoidable risk I’d like to use Windows Embedded instead of Linux because I know that Unity3D and LuaInterface work like a charm with the full version of Windows and should also do with the Embedded version. Well… they should. And regarding LuaInterface I’m pretty sure it does (I’m going to verify that).

But regarding Unity3D… has anybody of you ever tried to get it running on a 32bits Windows Embedded Standard 7? (As that’s the only version I’ve got a license for.)

Huh… that’s not a question but rather a novel once more. I’m sorry. Obviously I’m unable to abbreviate.

I’d really appreciate any experiential report about Unity3D’s life on Windows Embedded.

Thanks a lot!

Wearing sackcloth and ashes,

Hi Hendrik

I just did a test on windows embeded we are in the area of ​​games, style slot machine.
for maintenance because we decide to go on a unity following an article and meetings with the authors of Unity3D software.

To my surprice, windows gives the message ‘the program you are trying to execute is not compatible with this platform!’!

I wonder if the author is really tested their solution!!

one thing is it does not work … and we lost almost a year of work!!!

Our previous solution is written in C + + with VS 2005 and starts without being recompiled (executable date 2004)

we have not directly implicated Unity3D, we looked on the side of Windows before. Microsoft assured us that there is no difference between Windows 7 and Windows 7 Embeded! the diferences are commercial.
now I know what to do …

if someone could answer that we’d be.