Using variables from UnityScript in Boo?

Hello, I’ve been trying to implement this but without any success. While I was googling around I saw that this is somehow possible but I can’t reach it by myself obviously. This my file tree:

|---Standard Assets

I want to use variable from BlokSistem.js in, but without any success. I want to change one and print another. Here is my code for now:

import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

public class UI(MonoBehaviour):
	   blokSistem as BlokSistem = GetComponent[of BlokSistem]() #this is line 7 which produces error
	   def OnGUI() as void:
           GUI.Box(Rect(0,0,200,50), "Blocks")
           if GUI.Button(Rect(0,60,200,25), "Dirt = "+blokSistem.dirtAmount):
              	blokSistem.selectedBlock = blokSistem.dirtBlock
           elif GUI.Button(Rect(0,60,200,25), "Grass = "+blokSistem.grassAmount):
                blokSistem.selectedBlock = blokSistem.grassBlock

I get this error on line 7 (commented it in code above):

The name 'BlokSistem' does not denote a valid type ('not found'). 

This is how I declared my variables in BlokSistem.js:

public var dirtAmount : int;
public var grassAmount : int;
public var selectedBlock : GameObject;

Thanks in advance for help.

For this to work, the javascript code needs to be compiled before the booscript is compiled. This is done by placing all (or most) javascripts in the folder “Standard Assets” or a subfolder of it. Your Boo scripts should be in a different folder. Here is the documentation about it.