Using video render texture as input in shader graph. Texture frames not updating.

I would like to use video frames as texture 2d inputs in Shader Graph.

I’ve created a Video Player and render texture in my assets, and I’m able to pull the video render texture into shader graph as the Texture (T2) input to Sample Texture 2D node.

My problem is that the render texture doesn’t update each video frame in Shader Graph. It just stays on the last frame, without movement. Is there another node or parameter I need to set in order to update the render texture on each video frame?,I would like to use a video to render textures into the shader graph (in v2019.4.8f1), and then apply the shader graph to a model mesh in my scene.

What I’ve done so far:

  • I created the render texture asset and assigned that to my video player.
  • Then I use the render texture as the Texture (T2) input in my Sample Texture 2D node in Shader Graph.

The good news is I see the texture from the video in shader graph, but it doesn’t update on each video frame during play mode. It just stays with a freeze frame. Is there another node I have to use in Shader graph to grab the next frame as texture?

Dear Kevinsgeneric! Im facing the same problem, I hope to find a solution! Have you found any?
Thanks in advance