Using VideoPlayer with a Camera as the target ignore other camera's depth.

I am playing a video using the Video Player. When selecting the Camera Near Plane as the render mode. It will always render on top of anything, ignoring the selected camera’s depth. This mean that even if another camera is supposed to be rendering on top of the selected camera, it will not.

Besides using render textures, is there a way to play a video on camera, and having the render of another camera on top ?

Unity - Manual: Camera component

If I understand your intent correctly, it sounds like you want your Video-Playing-Camera to have a lower Depth value (let’s go with 0) and your Object-Rendering-Camera to have a higher Depth (1) with modified Clear Flags (e.g. Depth only).

This should make the 3D objects from the Object-Rendering-Camera render on top of the Video-Playing-Camera used as a background.