Using Visual Studio with Javascript in Unity

There are quite a lot of resources out there that talks about how to integrate Visual Studio with Unity but most of them are using C#.

Is it possible to use Visual Studio for Javascript in Unity, and leverage all the auto-complete features for Unity’s Javascript within Visual Studio?

It’s possible to write your Unity games with Visual Studio using Unity’s JavaScript, or even with Boo, but it’s provided by a third-party commercial plugin: UnityVS.

alt text

Disclaimer: I’m the founder of SyntaxTree, the company that develops UnityVS.

From my experience I don’t know that it would be possible.

Mono develop is the most native to Unity of course but the Unity JavaScript from what I do know isn’t easily accessible to Visual Studios.

I could be completely wrong tho. I’m almost certain that if there isn’t some form of patch out there for it that you could write one yourself with a little bit of help from Google.

Either way, best of luck to you and your further development.

Hello, I had a question. I know this is an old form but I could use some help. Since Unity removed JavaScript, am I able to use JavaScript in the lastest version of unity through Vision Studio?