Using Wacom Pen as Input Device


I have a scene that uses mouse input to navigate a 3D scene. It works like navigating a 3D viewport in Maya i.e. left-click + alt = rotate, middle-click + alt = pan, right-click + alt = zoom. This is working very well.

My issue is that if a wacom tablet is used as the input instead of a mouse, the rotate, zoom and pan motions no longer work. From my understanding, a wacom uses absolute positioning where as a mouse uses relative and Unity works with relative positioning such as with mice and gamepads. I am thinking, I can apply offsets to convert the absolute position of the wacom pen, but I’m not sure if this will actually work.

Has anyone had any experience getting a wacom pen to work as an input device in their game?



While I don’t have an answer right now, I do have a comment! I have also run into this issue - using left click to = rotate, right click to = zoom, and middle click to = pan (no alt key necessary, as we are only worried about model interaction right now.)

The interesting part - on a Mac, the wacom tablet is accepted as an input device until you use an exterior mouse (or track pad on a MacBook). After that, the tablet no long is accepted as an input device. No special coding needed at first.

On a windows machine, the table is not recognized at all. (This is the part that is driving me insane.) Have you had any further success with using the tablet as an input device?

I have the same problem with my Wacom (on Mac) --though I notice that the Option / R click to zoom works somewhat in wireframe - very slowly,… where as it doesn’t work at all in shaded mode.