Using WWW in public method of a GameObject in Unity C#

I am beginner in Unity3d and C# and after hours of searching solutions (and building a XML reader in C# based on documentation) I stuck on this problem:

I have two prefab planes tagged as “test” and I want to show images from URL on them as texture when the images loaded.

The planes has an empty Start and Update method and this public one in the loadImageFromURL.cs:

public IEnumerator changeTexture(string url){
        Debug.Log (url);
        WWW www = new WWW (url);         
        yield return www;
        renderer.material.mainTexture = www.texture;

Then I have an empty gamobject that collects image URLs in the Start() method then I do this:

IEnumerator Start () {

    WWW www = new WWW("");
    yield return www;
    stream =  new StringReader(www.text);

    /*Here I do all the XML stuff, it provides the URLs from the rss feed there is no error in it*/

    picture =  GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("test");
    loadImageFromURL sc = (loadImageFromURL)picture[0].GetComponent(typeof(loadImageFromURL));

    //here I call the function

When I simply pass the URL and just return null; in the changeTexture method it show the url when I Debug.Log it. When WWW lines are there it is like nothing happens. Also this exact same WWW code works perfectly as seen in Unity reference too

So I am pretty sure there is something I do not understand about WWW

changeTexture is an IEnumerator method, so you have to call it using StartCoroutine, otherwise it won’t iterate properly. Try:

StartCoroutine (sc.changeTexture(URLs[2]);

Note that the coroutine will be started in that script not the reference. To start the coroutine in the other object, do something like:

sc.StartCoroutine (sc.changeTexture(URLs[2]);