Using WWW, says I need Pro for Socket Support

Hey guys I’m running into a big problem trying to test my app on my device. I am using WWW in my game (and as far as I can tell not using anything socket related). I dropped some personal budget on the android basic license (says it fully supports WWW). But when I go to build the apk, I get an error saying I need unity pro for socket support! Any help or ideas?

This is on unity 4 beta. Not sure if that matters.

There is no bug in this case.
Prior to Unity 4 the Unity Android side had the major bug of not correctly handling the Android vs Android Pro feature delta as .NET Sockets ALWAYS were a Pro only feature on mobile.

Since Unity 4 beta UT finally fixed this bug.

The only networking you have on android without Android Pro and without going to java plugins is WWW and Unity Networking I fear.

And yes DB libraries for DB technologies that are not embedded databases (SQLite, Seqoia, DBLinq) are always relying on .NET sockets to establish their connection as .NET sockets are the way to handle network communication on .NET.