Using XBox controller with ThirdPersonController


I have a rather curious question regarding usage of XBox controller with Unity. What I did was create a scene, put a simple cube in it and attached the Third Person Controller Script to it. I then changed the Input settings(Edit->Project Settings) in order to use the Left and Right sticks on the controller for Movement and Looking respectively.

When I run the game, both the controls work perfectly… However, when I take my fingers off the sticks, I still see the cube moving in the forward direction and a slight camera rotation still happening. This leads me to believe that the input will still need to be fine tuned, so that when the stick on the controller is reset(back to original position), all movements related to that stick stop. But I was not able to figure out how to do this. Can someone here throw more light on this ?


This is just a deadzone issue. simply verify that Input.GetAxis(“Horizontal”) is greater than .01 or something like that.