Using your Android as a controller for your Unity PC Game

Hi guys,

I know this sounds real crazy, but… Is it actually possible to connect your Android to your PC as a “controller” of sorts?

Lets say… A 2-player game with one person on the computer, and another on the android. The person on the android taps on tiles he sees on the screen, and on the computer, those tiles that the person tapped on explode.

Is there a way how to do this? If so… Can someone point me in the right direction?

(Because god forsake, I have no clue as to how to search for this…)

A good example of a working title that does a similar affect to what you’re trying to achieve would be Real Racing 2, which uses Apple AirPlay through an AppleTV to make your iPhone or iPad as a controller for what you’re pushing to the screen. Son in essence, your iDevice becomes the accelerometer controller and mini-map, while your watch your content on the tv screen.

And yes, this is possible, but unless someone makes an open-source project for this or an API / SDK, I highly doubt you’re going to get any help on this regard. It’s much more complex than you might imagine. The short way of doing it (which is something I’m also working on) would be to use a common networking stack such as lindgren and modifying it to your use case. I’ve somewhat successfully have made a blackjack game that uses an Android tablet as the table itself, while other users get to view their cards on their android phones.

It all comes down to networking really, which is one of the more complex aspects of gaming ( if not the most complex, in a large scale ). I would suggest you take a look at making turn based networked games over wifi or bluetooth, and then using that as a jumping off point.