UTF-8 for foreign language characters on GUI

My project has some foreign characters like “á” or “ñ” but the GUI does not display them.

I guess is because the mMnodevelop Editor tool that came along with unity is not encoding my scripts with UTF-8.

Well I’m unable to find a way to do so, I check all the options in the editor and I couldn’t find it, can somebody please point it out for me?


Unity does not use UTF-8 but UTF-16. There is an option in Monodevelop to set the default character encoding (don’t remember where).

Here is how I did to use Unicode for GUI in my projects.

  • Create a GUISkin and set your font in
  • Use the GUISkin in OnGUI. Look at the code below.

Like this:

 public GUISkin guiSkin; // for in case you want to set it in your editor
 void OnGUI()
     GUI.skin = guiSkin;

     // GUI.Label(new Rect(10.0f, 400.0f, 500.0f, 500.0f), "something");

If it doesn’t work, select the font you’re using and set ‘Unicode’ in the ‘Character’ property.