Utilizing MediaPipe: A Simple Endless Runner

Hello, are you curious about how apps/games perform tasks like object detection, pose tracking, pose estimation, face detection, hand detection, and more? Your curiosity ends here with MediaPipe!

What is MediaPipe? MediaPipe is a customizable open-source framework designed to empower developers in creating machine learning applications. It offers various pre-built models for various tasks, including object detection, face detection, hand detection, pose estimation, and more.

Why choose MediaPipe over alternatives? Here are the reasons:

  • MediaPipe is optimized for mobile and embedded devices, ensuring exceptional performance.
  • With its extensive library of pre-built machine learning models, MediaPipe saves developers valuable time and effort, facilitating the swift development of games.
  • MediaPipe’s high level of customizability allows developers to fine-tune models to suit their specific requirements.
  • MediaPipe is an open-source framework, that fosters collaboration and innovation within the developer community.

To kickstart your MediaPipe journey in Unity, visit this GitHub repository to download and install MediaPipe. The repository also offers essential resources and sample scenes, such as Box Tracking, Face Detection, Face Mesh, Hair Segmentation, Hand Tracking, Instant Motion Tracking, Iris Tracking, Object Detection, Pose Tracking, and Selfie Segmentation.

Now, you may be wondering, what kind of games can be created with MediaPipe? The possibilities are limitless! From virtual try-on apps to gesture-controlled and augmented reality (AR) games, MediaPipe enables developers to explore and bring innovative gaming experiences to life. I personally utilized MediaPipe to enhance an endless runner prototype game by substituting the traditional right arrow/left arrow movement input with “raising my right hand up”/“raising my left hand up.” This modification resulted in more engaging and immersive gameplay.

In conclusion, MediaPipe stands as an exceptional tool for developers seeking to incorporate pre-built machine-learning models for tasks like object detection, face detection, hand detection, pose estimation, and beyond. Let’s unleash our creativity with MediaPipe!

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how do i install and use mediapipe in my unity project???? I'm new and i don't understand very well github's repositories

You can get link for source for detect movement in pose for input? What class you use in media pipe api, I search codes but find different name spaces in other repos for hand tracking and animation, but not find examples for interact in homuler, I use homuler repo not find how I can interract

U can download repo, open in unity, add unity. Package from last release, download media pipeall zip and get models from streaming assets and add in you project unity streaming assets, use arm64 for Android build and in manifest add camera before application