UV coordinates screwy are screwy again...

Hello, I’ve had this problem before but the way I fixed it before isn’t working. I’ve made and UV mapped a model(.OBJ) and imported it and the texture(.PNG) into Unity. On the texture, I’ve set the Wrap Mode to Clamp, the Filter Mode to Point, and Format to Truecolor. The previous problem was I had the Wrap Mode set to Repeat instead.
I’ve checked the model in the application I use(Model Creator v5), and it appears fine. But in Unity it’ll only display 1 side(2 triangles)of the model correctly.

I’ll provide pictures if needed.
So can any tell me why this is happening?

I can’t see how anyone can help without seeing a picture, but the usual problems are:

  • Normals facing the wrong way
  • UV’s not matching texture in some way

But you can get “the usual answers” just by searching here…