UV Map, change texture color (lighter/darker)

I’m trying to figure out how I could make my own lighting system for my UV map in Unity. I have the theory nailed down (I believe) but I’m having problems on the practical side.

I have a voxel (minecraft-like) map object that is generated at runtime. Let’s say the UV map for a face is done as such:

		UVm.Add(new Vector2 (0, 1)); // 1
		UVm.Add(new Vector2 (1, 1)); // 2
		UVm.Add(new Vector2 (1, 0)); // 3
		UVm.Add(new Vector2 (0, 0)); // 4

How could I go ahead and make the texture on that particular face lighter or darker?

What you need seems to be a light effect.
In your custom shader just use Fallback “Diffuse” to use the diffuse shader (lightning).

You will be able to create your shader and keep the light effect. See the following examples :

Hope it helps !