UV maps won't import??

I am trying to import a scene with a light-map into Unity but it just shows up black instead of having the light-map texture on it.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the UV's because whenever I apply any texture to my imported objects once in Unity, it looks messed up or nothing shows up at all.

I tried using FBX, OBJ, and MAYA files within unity, but whenever I unwrap an object it simply will not work. If I don't unwrap at all, it works with baked lighting.

Btw I am using automatic mapping (but it messes up with other techniques as well).

I don't understand your explanation very well.

  • Make sure you don't have more than two UV maps in Maya (Unity imports only two)
  • If you want two UV maps to be imported from Maya make sure "Generate secondary/lightmap UV" is not set on FBXImporter.
  • In some cases UV maps can be swapped so you can try using swap UV maps in FBXImporter.